Hello to all from Webrem Web Design

As many of you are aware we have taken over the web side of things from Lightbulb Moment and would like to welcome you all to Webrem Web Design.

We have been working behind the scenes with Lightbulb for some time and where delighted to be offered the opportunity to take over all things web from Sophie & the team.

What does this mean for you?

We provide web design and hosting services so very little will change in that respect. We will however be offering to move you to our UK based cloud hosting service, same prices that you currently pay and billed according to your current renewal dates, the only difference being you will be invoiced by us – Webrem Web Design.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email / call or catch us on the Social’s!

The team at Webrem are looking forward to getting to know Lightbulb’s clients and can assure you that the same professional, friendly service that Lightbulb provided will continue.


We’d all like to wish Sophie the very best of luck with her new project. It’s been fun – good luck!

Any Questions?

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